Copy of Sea Salt Scrub

Copy of Sea Salt Scrub

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8 oz $12

A gentle exfoliate created from the pleas of our lobstermen's wives.

The scrub powers off dry skin, deep grime, pine pitch and, of course, lobster bait. Perfect for use from face to feet. Yes.. even on your face! After rinsing, skin is left smooth and feeling as if lotion has been applied.

Ingredients include sea salt, rice bran oil, glycerin and essential oil or fragrance oil.

Available in Tart Lemon, Lavender, Victorian Lilac, Sandalwood/Sage, Rosemary/Mint, Summer Coconut, Cranberry Harvest, Maine's Wild Blueberry, Patchouli, Acadia Pine, By The Sea and unscented.

Scrub Scent:
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