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Prospect Harbor Soap Co.Prospect Harbor Soap Co.
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Bath Products

Our original-recipe products for the bath contain pure, natural ingredients - free of parabens and sulfates.

Thieves Oil Soap

Historic essential oils in an avocado oil soap

Stay Out (and enjoy the day) Soap

Avocado oils soap infused with insect repelling essential oils

Thieves Oil

A 14th century marvel

Tea Tree Essential Oil

A full service essential oil

Soap Deck

The perfect home for handmade soaps

Tickle Piggies Foot Soak

Refreshing foot soak

Tickle Piggies Foot Powder

Refreshing foot powder

Tickle Piggies Foot Spray

Refreshing foot spray

Skin Mist

Gently scented skin mist

Hunter's Soap

Masks the human scent

Lavender Essential Oil

Pure, therapeutic grade lavender essential oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

Pure, therapeutic peppermint essential oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Pure, therapeutic rosemary essential oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Pure, therapeutic eucalyptus essential oil

Sea Salt Scrub

Gentle exfoliator for use from face to feet

Avocado Oil Soap

Rich lather for sensitive and very dry skin

Soothing Spa

A relaxing tub or foot soak

Gardener's Soap

Gently exfoliates while powering off dirt yet gentle to skin

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